BEREQUETTE: Lost in the right direction!

Once or twice in your life time there are certain events that can be life changing. When you are fed up with the usual stuff and feel you need a change that cannot be made unless you are given a push – a friendly talk that will make you move on – then, change can happen.
If you are facing this flat attitude in fashion as well and wish to try on something new, something that will bring out more ‘you’, then, read on.

The Berequette team wishes to offer top quality clothes that will take their final shape and character once worn by you. This way they could be transformed into unique pieces. Don’t you think it’s about time you express your personality through the choices you make and create your own style?

Wear it! Feel the delicate touch of top quality fabrics! Make it your own, unique piece. Stop comparing yourself to other women who might choose to buy exactly the same piece. Instead, say: ‘Gee, that top really suits me and if I strap the skirt around so as to fit me then that brings out the best in me! This is me!’

Accept your body and find the clothes that reflect your personality. Uplift your mood and gain in confidence by choosing bold combinations colors and use them to reveal the beauty of your soul. It is you who chooses what to reveal and what to cover under your tops, trousers, dresses, skirts or jumpsuits. It is you who decides to play with colors and fine texures. It is you who creates the Berequette style!

Here we go then,

Good luck!